Recycle and Reuse of Agro Programmes
Re-agro versions

The overall objective of the project is the improvement, dissemination and exploitation of training material addressed to farmers.

The organizations involved in the project are interested in adult education and training on subjects related to agriculture.

Besides, they all believe in the need to promote training and learning with the use of new technologies. The training material covers the following subjects:

Α. Agricultural Tourism
  1. Basic Principles of Agricultural Tourism
  2. Agricultural Tourism Management
  3. Agricultural Tourism Marketing
  4. Horse-Riding Tourism
  5. Hunting Tourism>
Β. Organic Farming and Stock farming
  1. Basic Principles of Organic Farming
  2. Organic Cultivation of Vine
  3. Organic Cultivation of Olives
  4. Organic Cultivation of Pistachio
  5. Organic Cultivation of Vegetables
  6. Organic Snail Farming
Γ. General Subjects
  1. Food Safety and Quality
  2. Computer and Internet Use
  • To improve the training material for farmers and adults on organic farming, rural tourism and the use of ICT
  • To develop educational material for adults and farmers that is user friendly and accessible to anyone
  • To widen the existing Electronic European Agricultural Network – a Network of collaboration between Centres engaged in education of farmers and adults in the above mentioned subjects
  • To support effective communication between farmers, educational institutions and others, interested in issues related to organic farming and rural tourism
  • To promote the joint outcomes of the three previous projects not only in the EU countries involved in previous projects, but also in new ones
  • Multimedia CD-ROM containing the training material in 7 languages (BG, ES, PT, FR, IT, EL, EN)
  • Digital Platform for E-Learning
  • Web site
  • Dissemination activities in order to promote the training material to both farmers and educational institutions
  • Communication Network for farmers and adult training institutions from 6 countries
  • Farmers in six EU countries
  • Farmers’ unions and associations, women’s association in rural areas
  • Other people and institutions interested in organic farming and rural tourism
  • Teachers, trainers and professors in the field of agricultural education
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Agreement number: 2010- 4060/ 001 -001

Project number: 511511-LLP-1-2010-1-BG-KA4-KA4MP
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